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Creamy Cacao Tahini Smoothie

Chocolate and tahini are just meant to be together in this healthy (yet decadent!) creamy vegan smoothie that has the rich flavor of a chocolate milkshake.

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I’m Stephanie
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My favorite strawberry smoothie is made with fresh strawberries and is 100% vegan, plant-based, sugar-free, and dairy-free.

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Make your morning green with my Matcha Tahini Green Smoothie. If you’re a smoothie lover with a taste for the greens, you’ll love boosting up your mornings and post-workout with this luscious green smoothie. 

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I’ve always found the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to be so intoxicating. Perhaps it’s just the idea of coffee that appeals to us tea drinkers, but the actual taste lacks that verve we were so promised. Like that handsome Italian boy that seduced you during your Roman holiday adventure, he didn’t quite live up those romantic words he whispered in your ear, but you fell for it anyway.

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I’m writing this recipe down for you before I forget because I think this one is a winner. It’s super creamy, luscious and ridiculously too good to be healthy. It tastes like an espresso milkshake. My nine year old daughter has developed a penchant for iced coffee so I thought she would enjoy this.

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