Stephanie Dianne

I’m an author, podcaster, manifesting goddess, painter, writer, gratitude journaler, a lover of books and libraries, plants and gardens, vegan ice cream and veggie burgers. 

 I'm a frequent seeker of what's possible, a glass-is-half-full type, believer of good things in the universe.

Always a dreamer, I love creative ideas and visualizing them into existence. I know the power of using one's imagination to manifest dreams into reality.

I've been an artist since my early years, painting and drawing from still life and models in NYC art schools at 13 to selling my paintings out of my art district loft in my 30s. I've worked as a scenic artist for films and an interior faux finish painter for private clients.

Creativity is my superpower. 
Let's manifest a new vision for your life
and turn your dreams into reality. 

Hi there! I’m Stephanie.


Me and my three kids

A decade ago, I could be found wearing the usual "outfit of the day" (black yoga pants and a messy ponytail) totally exhausted from giving massages for hours on end. Every day was a long day for me helping others feel better while I myself felt depleted. After work, I had to fight LA traffic to pick up my kids from preschool and elementary school. Once home, I hauled oily sheets, dirty towels, and grungy baseball uniforms down to the apartment laundry room, made dinner, and... rinse and repeat the next day. 

We lived in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. As a single mother with three children, my "bedroom" was the living room, so my kids could have their own bedrooms. I complained. A LOT. Especially about how tired and broke I was. And what did I manifest back then? A mailbox full of overdue bills with another exhausting work day ahead.

This was the story of my life circa 2012. I was running fast on a hamster wheel of survival mode, dealing with an early onset of menopause, a custody battle with my ex-husband, and high living expenses. This caused stress, insomnia, depression, and hopelessness.

I was a massage therapist working for celebrity clients in LA, a vegan chef as a side hustle, plus raising three kids and working harder than ever as a single mom.


Top: A bouquet from my local farmers' market. Left: me & my kids on vacation in Ojai, CA. Right: Me (center) with my Mama (right) & sister-in-law (left) celebrating my 52nd birthday in Carmel-by-the-Sea. 

So I decided to manifest my dream life instead of complaining about my current situation. I practiced affirmations, feeling grateful, and journaling as part of my morning routine. 

Many life-changing blessings followed. I developed a stronger sense of self, felt happier, and gained a greater sense of confidence. Our family moved out of the small apartment into a house with a rent-to-own agreement, courtesy of a client and friend who cared about us. What a wonderful change and blessing!

Years later, I acquired and sold the house, paid off my debts, and bought a bigger house in a beautiful area. Our new neighborhood is quiet with friendly neighbors, surrounded by trees and hiking trails, and crime is low to non-existent. Kids play in the street. Neighbors wave and say hello. I’m able to relax and be present, slow down and take self-care days. I have time for my kids and time to be creative and write or paint. I'm creating the life I’ve dreamed of. Joy and creativity is a priority in my life.

During the time we moved out of the apartment, I took a DNA test in order to be more proactive about my health. Unexpectedly, I learned I had been adopted as a baby back in 1970. I had no idea how my life would unfold in amazing ways from that point forward.

I met my biological dad and stepmom, and my sister and brother from my dad’s first marriage. On my 49th birthday, I met my biological mom. I also met my step dad and two brothers. Then I met my nieces and nephews, and got to know cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

Now my life has so much joy and flow. I’m living in my dream house! I enjoy cooking in my dream kitchen with my teenage daughters or eating lunch at one of my favorite vegan cafes with my grown-up son.

I go walking and hiking with friends, I’m writing my memoir in a plant-filled home office overlooking my garden. 

As I finally turned my life around for the better, I discovered a new passion helping women redesign their lives like I did. 

I’m creating a life I love while helping others do the same. 

Stephanie Dianne is a manifestation life coach, podcast host, and author. She's also been a plant-based food blogger for the past ten years and swears she made avocado toast before it was a thing. 

Stephanie coaches women on visualizing their dream life and helps them figure out what makes them truly happy. As a certified Centrella Method #futureboard coach, she knows the power of visualizing and shifting your mindset.


A juicy nectarine.


All The Things I Wish I Knew by Sarah Centrella


Italian sparkling water or a cozy cup of tea.


I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey, Victoria, The Crown, and ... Bridgerton!




The Great British Baking Show or Ted Lasso

favorite show to binge

The beach, always.

beach vs mountains

Green smoothies w/extra ginger

usually craving

Cacao butter lip balm

can't live without

Champagne, merci!

drink of choice


favorite place i've been

Romance novelist

alternate universe job

Vegan chocolate almond butter gelato

Guilty pleasure

Maggie Smith

celeb i'd love to meet

Treating myself to a self-care day

Favorite indulgence

a few of my favorite things


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