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Manifesting Mornings Journal

Love journaling?

Wake up and smell the matcha with this manifesting journal!

Manifest your dreams into reality with this guided morning journal. This journal comes with manifestation techniques for an easy morning ritual to inspire your best daily routine. You'll learn how to manifest the life you desire and raise your vibrations to start the day on a positive note.

The Manifesting Mornings Journal is perfect for anyone looking to create an abundance mindset and bring more fulfillment and joy into their lives. 

Get your copy and start manifesting your dreams using the law of attraction. Inside the pages you'll find guided prompts to set intentions, create affirmations, practice gratitude, and more.


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  • 33 Days of Morning Journaling Prompts
  • A clear explanation of intention setting, gratitude, scripting, and affirmations
  • List of manifestation ideas to inspire you
  • Powerful manifesting methods
  • Positive affirmations and daily gratitude prompts
  • Wide 8” x 10” journal gives you plenty of writing space

this journal includes:

“Stephanie inspired me to reinvent myself in my 50s. I feel so much better eating more plant-based meals, plus I'm losing weight and have more energy.”

- Krystina

I’m an author, podcaster, course creator, and life coach with big dreams.

I’m also a mom to two teenage daughters and a grownup son, a girlfriend to a food writer, a home cook who went to culinary school, and an artist who’s just getting back to the canvas.  

I’m very into: matcha lattes, good energy, and creating a life instead of making a living. 

And I'm the long lost daughter of a teenage girl back in 1970. This was something I didn't know until the results of my DNA test came in. Want more on that? I'm writing about it in my memoir.

like stories? I've got a good one.

Enneagram 2, Manifesting Generator in Human Design, Gemini Sun, Libra Moon, Taurus Rising. Word nerd, artist, joy seeker, and believer in everyday magic.


Helping women rewrite their life and coaching


It's time to discover your passion, reignite your joy, let go of limiting beliefs, and transform your life. Ditch those money and worthiness blocks to manifest more of what brings you happiness. Visualize yourself living in abundance and ease, waking up feeling good, finding deeper connections with others, experiencing more productivity and satisfaction, raising your self worth and income doing what you love. 

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