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Looking for affirmations? Love guided meditations? Curious about going plant-based?

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I'm here to inspire midlife women like YOU who dare to dream bigger and help you unlock your true potential so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Through affirmations, meditations, plant-based nutrition advice, insights on anti-aging and longevity, my mission is to empower every woman with an abundance mindset and tap into her authentic creative energy. 

I’m Stephanie Dianne, host and affirmation goddess!

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Gemini, 1970s love child, original rollerskating disco girl, and total word nerd, I swear I made avocado toast before Gwyneth Paltrow made it a thing. 

Ready to manifest your best life? Listen in as I share affirmations & meditations, along with topics on living a plant-based lifestyle, health & wellness routines, longevity and anti-aging, and much more. 

Get Inspired, Mind-Body-Spirit.

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Stephanie has such a soothing voice!
I'm inspired by the affirmations and love her insight on manifesting.

— jocelyn, head of social, Create cultivate

The French 75 Podcast is hands-down one of the best business and marketing pods on the airwaves.

— lindsay, co-founder of almost 30

Blair changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her.

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