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Turmeric Chai Latte

Homemade turmeric chai latte, served either hot or iced, is the perfect blend of healthy and delicious. Don’t buy another tetra box of syrupy sweet (fake) chai to make golden milk ever again.

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I’m Stephanie
Writer, Painter, Author, Dreamer, Mother, Podcaster, Memoirist, Vegan Chef and Manifestation Coach

Skip the long line at Starbucks and make this all vegan sugar-free matcha latte at home. You’ll be a five-star barista in no time. Maybe you’ll open up your own tea house. Matcha tea powder, hot water, dairy-free milk.

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My obsession with tea began in childhood. Coffee was never appealing, too strong for my blood. A cup of tea soothed and comforted when I needed it, and it kept me company in a hot mug in between the palms of my hands.

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