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Panzanella: A Fave Tomato Salad

Somehow I come home with six to seven plump heirlooms in greens, golds, and rich reds. The peaches and nectarines were perfectly sweet, and I knew this was the last of the summer tomatoes and stone fruits. I had half a loaf of rosemary olive sourdough. So I made a simple Italian classic— panzanella!

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Fresh summer rolls with almond butter tahini dressing are my plant-based spin on Vietnamese summer rolls. Light and healthy, they make an easy lunch or dinner when it’s too hot to cook.

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This sexy Italian salad wants to meet you… insalata di panzanella alla nettarina grigliata, or Grilled Nectarine Panzanella Salad. Try the Italian way of enjoying carbs by making bread into “salad” and enjoy it naked or dressed in vinaigrette, naturally.

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Field Roast Italian sausages have made a big hit in my kitchen. Over the years as I’ve transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, cooking for my family has also changed for the healthier. When it comes to meat alternatives, my kids and I can be fairly picky. We like the good stuff! Plus, with a few […]

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