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Cold Tahini Noodles: One Bowl Recipe

This easy one bowl recipe is my summer go-to for when it’s too hot to cook. All you need to do is make the noodles, stir in the tahini sauce, chop up veggies and herbs, et voila! You will love these noodles even more when chilled in the fridge. Make a big batch and stay as cool as a cucumber.

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This Vegan Sesame Soba Noodle Salad is my go-to summer meal for either lunch or dinner. It’s made with whole food ingredients, tastes delicious, and is easier to make than a pie recipe on Pinterest.

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I have such a love for spicy noodles. When Eddie and I go out on dates, he likes taking me out for authentic Chinese food. Sichuan in particular is a favorite! As much as I appreciate his knowledge of good Chinese food in Los Angeles, most of it isn’t vegan.

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It’s a hot summer day. The sky is brilliant blue and birds are singing. July heat. I’m drinking a lot of coconut water mixed with sparkling soda and a squeeze of lime while planting in my garden, hands in the soil. The kids will be home from camp later (and they are always hungry!). I’m too hot (and lazy) to cook anything up tonight. The backyard patio is the place to dine on nights like this, with a big bowl of cold sesame noodles for everyone to share.

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Chinese noodles are symbolic of a long life during the Lunar New Year celebration. This inspired me to make garlic noodles with some fresh Asian veggies. I used Melissa’s brand fresh Chinese noodles and Asian vegetables to make this special recipe. I love a rich, creamy sesame sauce mingled with lots of finely chopped garlic sticking to the long noodles. I want it gingery, garlicky and loaded with flavor. 

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