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Turmeric Chai Latte

Homemade turmeric chai latte, served either hot or iced, is the perfect blend of healthy and delicious. Don’t buy another tetra box of syrupy sweet (fake) chai to make golden milk ever again.

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I’m Stephanie
Writer, Painter, Author, Dreamer, Mother, Podcaster, Memoirist, Vegan Chef and Manifestation Coach

A book all about the modern-day cider renaissance by an accidental pommelier who leads you through America’s cider presses, orchards, tasting rooms, revealing the new cider culture. My review of Cider Revival: Dispatches from The Orchard, as part of the Abrams Books Dinner Party series.

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Almond milk is an essential in my kitchen. It’s easy to make once you’ve done it and got the hang of it. C’mon, you can do this. Buying almond milk will make you roll your eyes in the supermarket. Really. You won’t go back to drinking static almond milk stabilized with gums and stuff.

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Make your morning green with my Matcha Tahini Green Smoothie. If you’re a smoothie lover with a taste for the greens, you’ll love boosting up your mornings and post-workout with this luscious green smoothie. 

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