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How to Make a Frothy Turmeric Latte at Home

January 24, 2019

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I’ve figured out how to make a frothy turmeric latte at home, but it took some practice with a couple of key things. Wait, what is a turmeric latte? Aside from being a super spice used mainly in Indian and Thai cooking, turmeric is the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relieving, and anti-cancer cure. Turmeric has also become the popular Insta-worthy superfood latte since Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebs sip on a cozy cup of this gold stuff before yoga.

When I crave this warming golden latte, I want it frothy. I love froth! If you want to make a vegan turmeric latte with lots of froth, the secret is oat milk. Coconut milk and other non-dairy milks just fall flat in comparison. Almond milk fizzles out, as does coconut, but oat milk is the magic you are looking for.  

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The secret is that you need to perfect the way you froth. I’ve tried handheld frothers before, foaming the milk and pouring it like a barista. It was okay, not quite as frothy good as I craved, and maybe the extra effort wasn’t happening. For quite awhile I used a blender bullet as my “frother” and hinted for an entire year to my guy that I needed a frother (funny thing: we both bought a frother for Christmas). I now have two frothers stationed in my tea and coffee counter area in my ktichen. One is a Nespresso Aeroccino 4, and the other is a Chef’s Star.

Oat milk is the only vegan non-dairy milk that froths the way I want. There’s something so satisfying about it. Other plant-based milks like cashew milk, coconut milk, and almond milk are offered in almost every coffee house. Intelligentsia Coffee serves oat, soy, and almond milk in their coffee bars. Even Starbucks offers soy, coconut and almond as their dairy-free alternative. So when are they getting on the oat milk train? Meanwhile, you can either make you own damn oat milk, or buy it.

Oat milks to buy:


Happy Planet Oat Milk

Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

Pacific Foods Oat Milk

Silk ‘Oat Yeah’

The other trick to making turmeric lattes is the actual turmeric part. Here are some turmeric blends for golden milk lattes that make it just a little bit better. 

Sunfood Superfood Golden Milk Super Blend

Republic of Tea Turmeric Chai 

Four Sigmatic Golden Latte Mushroom Mix with Shiitake & Turmeric

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk

Jarrow Formulas Golden Tea

Golde Turmeric Tonic Blend

Simply spoon some turmeric powder of choice into your mug, with about two inches of space to the rim. Froth the oat milk in a frother, and then pour into your turmeric tea mug like a barista —and you’ve got a superfood turmeric latte like you’d get in a hipster coffee house. If you want a little more body, add a tiny bit of coconut oil to the mix.



  • 1 1/2 cups oat milk, frothy

  • 1 tbl turmeric mix

  • 1 tsp coconut oil (optional)

  • sweetener (maple syrup, date syrup, coconut sugar, monkfruit, or stevia, to taste)

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