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Banh Mi Flatbreads x Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meals

April 28, 2018

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Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal kit delivery service that I love. When you order, a box of 100% plant-based recipe ingredients arrives upon your doorstep with enough to cook three meals per week. Just choose from the weekly recipes online, and an insulated box full of ingredients complete with recipes arrives. Each recipe has step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow. If you want to cook healthy plant-based meals at home, but don’t know what to make, or have a busy schedule, Purple Carrot is the perfect choice!

Purple Carrot Bowl

Purple Carrot Bowl

I chose to use Purple Carrot as a customer way before I began collaborating with them on Instagram. Of course, I create my own plant-based recipes and share them on this blog, so why would I use a meal kit service like Purple Carrot?

It first began when I wanted something useful as a gift. My teenage son’s best friend had lost his father to cancer. So I was moved to send their family something other than a depressing bouquet of flowers.

Purple Carrot was perfect to send as a gift.

They appreciated the Purple Carrot meal deliveries during their difficult mourning period. On a good note, it did actually help out (instead of a bouquet of flowers), as they used the recipes and cooked together. Bonding time.

After they shared how much they enjoyed the service, I decided to try it myself. I chose from the weekly menus and set up my deliveries. I liked that you could choose menus, skip a week if you wanted, or pause the service.


You simply pick a plan between the Purple Carrot unique meals, or the TB12 High Performance meals (by athlete Tom Brady). High protein, gluten-free recipes, 2 servings per meal, 3 meals per week, your choice.

It can be so easy to incorporate plant-based meals into your week. The meal prep instructions and labeled ingredients make everything simple to follow for all types of home cooks. The bonus is that you can also have the kids help, or your partner, and enjoy cooking together.

I’m a busy working mom of three, living in Los Angeles. Even though it may seem like have luxurious amounts of time to cook in my kitchen, the truth is, I don’t always get the chance.

Most Sundays I go to my local farmers’ market and do my produce shopping. Then I go to several other supermarkets, depending on what I need to make lunches for my three kids and dinners to please everyone. I tend to go to the market every other day. That’s just what happens!

Sometimes I’m so busy, my beautiful farmers’ market seasonal fruits and veggies are left in the refrigerator bin for a few days before I can get to them. I know. Sad face.


My alarm goes off at six in the morning, and I’m awake, in the kitchen, packing lunches for three. Some days we run out of snacks, bread, and fruit. I go off to the market at six-thirty in the morning to gather more lunchbox groceries on those days.

Honestly, the inspiration to make dinner leaves me when I have worked all day, having picked up kids, and upon the question of “what’s for dinner” well, everyone wants something different to eat. We’ve done take-out burritos on those nights when I have no energy (or ingredients) to cook a full meal.

Purple Carrot delivers a big box of groceries, all portioned out by recipe, with three recipes to make for the week. Recipe cards come with clear instructions. You can follow them exactly, or add to them if you like.


The Banh Mi Flatbreads were incredibly simple to make and super flavorful. My youngest didn’t add the jalapeños to hers, and said they looked a lot like tacos. Or pizza. Or pizza tacos. We also had two other meals for the week: the Nourish Bowl and the Mango Curry. It totally takes the pressure off to figure out a healthy dinner, plus having fresh inspiration to cook, makes Purple Carrot a wonderful thing.

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